Our establishment has 176 rooms of various types to welcome the many different types of person that come to stay, from individuals to organized tour groups, from family with children to Conference participants, or to young people in search of a profound spiritual experience. To everyone we extend a welcome which as well as being  practical, also boasts many excellent facilities (En suite, TV, air conditioning, room fridge, rooms for disabled persons, and communal areas which can be used for many purposes.

Particular Characteristics

Following the Franciscan concept of the human creature, as being at the centre of Creation, we have a particular focus on the family. It is for this reason the establishment is equipped with rooms that can accommodate a variety of needs (up to 6 beds); a large garden where it is possible to relax and have quiet time; a playground where the children can have fun within a secure environment; and a pic-nic area where snacks can be enjoyed. All of these facilities can be enjoyed moreover, within the shadow  of the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels.

The same attention is given to those persons who have a disability, with parking places reserved for them, rooms specially equipped, and accessibility improved by cutting through architectural barriers.

We think that it is particularly important that for decades we have hosted various initiatives inspired by the friars and directed towards the discovery and discernment of vocations (Vocational Courses, Beginners’ courses, Courses for Couples, Courses for the Family, Agape etc.).  In the very place where Francis understood the Project that God was entrusting him, thousands of young people have been able to experience the same grace.

In the same way as we like to recall our Mission, we would like to underscore the Certification of our   quality system is in line with the Standard: UNI  EN ISO 9001 and the fact that we adhere to the fiscal, labour and administrative norms, elements of that “social balance”, to which we pay close attention.