When Assisi is mentioned the seraphic figure of St. Francis immediately springs to mind and the town where he grew up under the shadow of Mount Subasio which due to his memory and renown is now a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a beautiful meeting place, one where you breathe in mysticism, peace and faith, and where history, art and nature can be experienced at first hand.

Assisi is ideally located in Italy in the very central region of Umbria and for this reason the Domus Pacis Assisi Conference Centre is logistically perfect for the organization of Conferences, Conventions, Meetings, Training Courses and can cater for large numbers. It is easily reachable from all parts of Italy aided by the dual carriageway which covers the whole region, the close proximity of the railway station, and St. Francis of Assisi International Airport of Perugia is only 12km away. The historical centre of Assisi is served by an all day bus service.

The hotel is located amidst greenery, beside the Basilica of St. Mary of  the Angels, and far from the commotion of the town. The available open spaces, which allow for concentration on the work in hand make Domus Pacis Hotel Assisi perfect for productive work and team building.

Many of you already know us, but for those who have not yet stayed with us we would like to state that for many years now our establishment has been at the forefront in the region in respect of catering for conferences and conventions. What guarantees a successful outcome to your event are the following attributes: the location; the tranquility of the surroundings with its mature trees; the ample parking facilities for coach and car; the excellent coffee break/working lunch service; the ability of our Chef to design menus for each specific individual event; and most of all the courtesy and professionalism of our staff.

Our 176 rooms, of  various types, and reciprocal agreements with other nearby hotels which are linked by shuttle to our Convention Centre, mean a total capacity of in excess of 500 rooms, which  represents a very significant attribute for Umbria and central Italy.

The Convention Centre of Domus Pacis Assisi is technologically advanced, has air conditioning and Wi-fi Access, and is designed to be functional. The rooms can be used on the basis of the needs of the guests, and allows for a number of different sized areas to be easily available to the participants. There is natural light and brand new conference equipment as well as a Staff dedicated to ensure the success of the Event, particularly when it comes to inserting the Initiative in the unique location of Assisi, now known as the “Seraphic City”.

16 Rooms with 20 to 440 seat capacity.

Lay out and technical description:


Centro Congressi Assisi Domus Pacis - Piano 0

GROUND FLOOR • general layout >>
0.1 Theatre LE STUOIE 440 Seats technical description >>
0.2 Auditorium IL CANTICO 330 Seats technical description >>
0.3 Modular Room PERFETTA LETIZIA 100 Seats technical description >>
0.4 Modular Room SEMPLICITA’ 80 Seats technical description >>
0.3+04 Modular Room P.L. + S. 190 Seats technical description >>
0.5 Room PORZIUNCOLA 86 Seats technical description >>
0.6 Room SAPIENZA 30 Seats technical description >>
0.7 Room FRATERNITA’ 25 Seats technical description >>
0.8 Room PADRE ZAVARELLA 20 Seats technical description >>
0.9 Room SAN BONAVENTURA 20 Posti technical description >>


Centro Congressi Assisi Domus Pacis - Piano 1

1st FLOOR • general layout >>
1.1.1 Le Stuoie Theatre Press Room
1.1.2 Le Stuoie Theatre Control Room
1.1.3 Le Stuoie Theatre Gallery
1.2.1 Auditorium Translator’s cabin
1.2.2 Auditorium Control Room


Centro Congressi Assisi Domus Pacis - Piano 2

PIANO 2general layout >>
2.1 Room MITEZZA 25 Seats technical description >>
2.2 Room SORA ACQUA 25 Seats technical description >>


Centro Congressi Assisi Domus Pacis - Piano 3

PIANO 3general layout >>
3.1 Room SPERANZA 25 Seats technical description >>
3.2 Room SORA LUNA 25 Seats technical description >>
3.3 Room FRATE SOLE 25 Seats technical description >>


Centro Congressi Assisi Domus Pacis - Piano 4

PIANO 4general layout >>
4.1 Room FRATE CIELO 25 Seats technical description >>
4.2 Room UMILTA’ 20 Seats technical description >>


Reception Area Secretarial Office Overhead Projectors
Air Conditioning Control Room American Truss
Wardrobe Amplification ADSL Line
Store room Audio-visual equipment Wi-Fi
Trolleys Control Cabin Stage
Press Room Lighting Forestage area
Technical Staff Internet Point Projectors
Screens Simultaneous Translation Tensostructure
Closed Circuit Tv Videoconferencing Fibre Optics